Rocklin’s Scouts BSA Troop 219 was established on February 1st, 2019. A historic day in Scouting and in the lives of young women across the country.

February 1st 2019 was the first day female scouts were allowed to join the iconic Boy Scouts of America (BSA) program. Troop 219 became the first all-female Scouts BSA Troop in the Golden Empire Council Discovery District, spread across Northern California. The ground work for the Troop was started in January of 2018 by vintage Scouters and very dedicated families who are new to Scouting. This group wanted to make sure that the young ladies had the same opportunities as the young men – development of leadership skills, goal setting and personal achievement, experience in the outdoors, and so much more. The founding committee consisted of Jenny & Jim Harris, Jason Schlager, Liza & Sean Osmond, and Teresa & Roger Martinez. Dianne Cooper became the founding Scoutmaster for Troop 219.

Troop 219 unit numbers were carefully selected by the founding committee to represent two key milestones in history: The date that young ladies were eligible for the iconic scouting program (February 2019 or “2/19”), and recognition of the 19th Amendment (Women’s Suffrage).

Trivia: The “backup” number for the new troop was “38”, which represents March 8th – International Women’s Day.

These efforts were made possible through the sponsorship and support from the Rocklin Lions Club (Troop 219’s Charter Organization), and the support of Rocklin Troop 29 (Troop 219’s linked Troop).

With the minimum requirement of five scouts to establish a new BSA Troop, Troop 219 quickly met that requirement on launch day (February 1st) and over the first month quickly tripled that number.

Troop 219 has been established but the true history for the Troop is still yet to be written. Our history lies in the hands of many capable young female scouts who will no doubt make a positive impact on this world. Watch closely. Their journey is just beginning!

Yours in Scouting,

The Founders of Troop 219